Thursday, September 3, 2009

Step 1: Twiddle thumbs

So, this is my practice run. I've been meaning to start this up for a while, knowing that I will want a online journal sorta-thingy while I'm away, I was just afraid mostly of jumping the gun and starting one too soon. Today, I just figured I'd jump in and get it going. I mean, heck, that's how this whole PC thing got started in the first place...

I've always been rather suspicious of blogs. People who spill their innermost emotions and problems out into cyberspace seem to be attention-seekers, in my opinion. Therefore, I feel kind of awkward in this new step. How much do I write? Is anyone going to read it? How detailed should I be? What do I even write about? I'm sure that, as with many things in the coming months, the first time will be the most difficult, and I will soon adapt.

Which leads me to my brief explination/update. PEACE CORPS!!!! Yes, my friends, I have applied to Peace Corps. I didn't want to start too early, but at this point in the application process, I feel that it might be appropriate to practice my internet communication skills. Considering how I have been scouring the web for other PC blogs trying to glean information on the next three years of my life, I figured it's about time. I was nominated on April 29, 2009 for an Applied Agriculture position in Sub-Saharan Africa, leaving sometime in Febuary 2010. PC recieved my medical paperwork on June 19th, I was cleared for dental and legal shortly thereafter, and am now WAITING for medical clearance. There is a vauge little note on my account that says basically, "we'll get to you soon, just wait in line." In the mean time, I am spending my time constructively: fanatically comparing my timeline with other applicants and volunteers, researching African agriculture, drying apples, and trying to keep busy with work around the farm. I am trying to be flexible and patient, I'm just so darn excited!

So for a trial run, I'm going to see how this blogging stuff works. I can only hope there are others out there who are similarly desperate for information about Peace Corps applications. BTW, no matter how many ways you word it, Google will only return the same hits when you search for "waiting Peace Corps invitation." Just sayin'...

...I hope I can get this to post now. Yay for trying new and exciting things!

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