Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's that, skipper? News!?

OHMIGOODNEZ! Finally, finally, after what seems like an eternity (but in actuality was only 10 weeks or so), I have received communication from that bureaucratic black hole that is Peace Corps!!

I have been running all over the state for the past couple weeks working and whatnot, and imagine my surprise and ecstasy upon finding an email from Peace Corps that says my account had been updated. I was so focused on making it to October at the very least and it was not even my hope that they would get to my medical stuff until then. And then, glorious words saying that a decision had been made on my medical application. Complete. A wonderful blue checkmark. :D *sigh* I have come to the determination that the secret to happiness in the Peace Corps is to have zero expectations. Then, when they surprise you two weeks earlier with medical clearance then you had calculated, it becomes the most beautiful thing in the world.

I finally feel cool, like I'm part of the group. The group in question: those people who are constantly updating their blogs with news of progress. Now, I have news as well. HA! I am no longer lame and waiting! (well, i'm actually still waiting, but whatev.) One step closer. Once I have my letter in the mail, I will have conclusive proof that I am a viable and acceptable candidate for PC service. That in itself feels like an achievement, even though it was kinda a no-brainer for me. It feels like things are finally moving, and since I'm not in school anymore, I have been anxious to be doing something in my life. I don't just hang out very well. I have to be productive. Unless of course, hanging out is productive in the long term. But maybe that's exactly what this is, waiting for PC. Hmmm... a conundrum.

To anyone out there who is desperately waiting: I wish I could share this happiness with you. I have come to realize part of what makes it so awesome is that 10 week dry spell before hand though.

So, medical clearance, check! Next stop, placement and invite!!

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