Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fast Forward

In the past 24 hours, a flurry of activity has suddenly left my head whirling uncontrollably.

Number one: My letter finally came.

The e-mail that I had sent my recruiter was responded to with the most uncomforting announcement that "the system shows that the letter hasn't been mailed yet." Bonus points for my sanity and the USPS, minus points for PC. I was a little irritated. Called DC (again), and pestered the lovely lady who had the misfortune to be listed on my medical paperwork (again) and recieved an e-mail from her that my letter was in the mail (again?). It arrived yesterday in a wonderfully anti-climatic pile of post next to my auto insurance bill. My hard-earned letter was almost not opened I was feeling that much apathy toward it...

Number two: A mysterious message.

The major downside to moving back home is that my cell phone gets virtually NO reception at all. Consequently, it will buzz at random times of the day, like 10:25 pm, with missed calls and messages, etc. Such was the case last night..."Who on earth has a 202 area code?" On a not-so-mysterious note, for all who are wondering as I was, 202 is the area code for DC. An equally hard-fought-and-won message retrival informed me that my PLACEMENT OFFICER called and wanted to talk to me. Incidently, this was much more satisfying, and I had a very difficult time getting to sleep. Suddenly, my love and excitement for PC was rekindled almost instantly.

Number three: The e-mail.

And, yes, when I bold and italicize that dimuntive little article, I mean exactly that. The one. I was on the phone with my mother, preparing to call my PO back, checking my e-mail (that had gone un-checked much longer than normal, a side-effect of not sleeping well and waking up late), finishing my coffee, and making toast. I saw that I had a new e-mail saying that my Application had been updated. How exciting. Oh don't worry, Mom, I'm sure it just says that they want some more information like Julie said in herOHMYFREAKINGGAWSHICANTBELIEVE IT!!!! I've been INVITED!!!!

That was totally not what I was expecting.

So long story short, I have an invitation in the mail. And this time I know for sure because it actually says that it was mailed yesterday. I have yet to actually touch bases with Julie after leaving her a dizzy message that I don't really even recall making. It all happened so fast, I still haven't had time to completely process it yet. The only thing that would make my head explode with disbelief at this point would be if the FedEx man knocked on my door right now (*waits with head cocked hopefully for a few seconds*.... nope). Peace Corps, you continue to delight and surprise me in unxpected ways.

Cheers to all fellow waitees. Now that I have proof and evidence that people are reading this (!!!) I don't feel rediculous speaking to an anonomyous crowd. I am sending out hugs to all who want their invite as much as I do. Er, did. Right. :D

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  1. What is your official invitation for? Or do you have to wait till the letter comes?