Saturday, October 10, 2009

Donkeys indeed!

One of my fellow applicants, Karin, suggested that perhaps the government has started using beasts of burden again for communication purposes. At this point, I'd have to agree.

It has been over three weeks since I got word that I was medically cleared, and still no letter has arrived. I called PC last week, and my lovely medical screening assistant did tell me that yes, I had been cleared and my file went "upstairs" (secretspeak for Placement, I'm assuming). Whew! What a relief. And yet.... I just really want my letter!!!! I know it's not a big deal seeing as how I already know what it says, and yet there is a small part of me that needs solid evidence that I am now being placed. No communication since that cryptic little message on my Toolkit. Another part of me is worried that somewhere, my file got lost in the cracks on the way 'upstairs' and that I won't hear anything for months. I mean, people usually get contacted by their PO a few weeks after medical clearance, right? Even if it's only a 'Hi, how are ya? I'm so and so and will be deciding your fate for the next three years of your life, please stand-by for another few months.' I imagine they'll be wanting updated transcripts ("Did you actually graduate since we last talked to you?") and want to know what I've been doing with my life since I moved back home ("Another post-collegiate bum, I see.") All of this I feel has not happened because I have yet to recieve my letter. Stupid, I know, and yet it's this nagging thing in the back of my mind.

The simplest answer would be that it got lost in the mail. NBD, except I've never, NEVER, had anything get lost in the vast machine of USPS before. Ever. I suppose it could happen, but all the same, I know I'd feel a lot better with that letter in my hands. I mean, when they say 'look for a letter in the mail,' I look. And wait. And look some more. And when it doesn't arrive for THREE WEEKS, I begin to feel a little let down, like PC doesn't really love me after all.

But, on the postive action front, I went ahead and sent an e-mail to my recruiter to ask him for advice. I know he as access to a powerful and all-knowing computer network system that holds the answers I seek. Nevermind that he's out of office until next week. A few more days won't kill me. I am patient.

(although my sanity was vaugely in question this morning when I awoke from a dream involving my unknown PO, lavender linen spray, and the Jonas Brothers... wtf, right?)


  1. Hey, I happened to stumble across your blog, and I wanted to let you know that you may actually never hear from your placement officer. I didn't actually have a conversation with mine until I called to accept my invitation, which I think is absurd, but that is how Peace Corps works. The only contact I got was an e-mail from a placement intern. My placement officer never actually answered when I called her. Anyways, long story short, my invitation was to Guinea, and now due to political problems, it looks like I am joining you back in the waiting game. Good luck and I hope you get your medical letter soon!

  2. Hey, just saw your post, and to add to the other comment, I saw some one else's blog who said that after they were medically cleared their PC recruiter said that if they weren't leaving in the next four months that you probably won't hear anything for four months because they're so busy processing everything thing that those ppl are the priority. I know it probably doesn't ease your anxiety at all but I hope that helps a little :) good luck! -Ashleigh

  3. Wow! I guess I never really expected anyone to read my shizz, thanks for the encouragement guys! :D JBrown, sorry to hear about your invite and welcome back to the Club of Waiting (at least you weren't AT staging, like the Turkmin group...). It's always nice to know we have company. Ashleigh...I've always wished my name were spelled the same way as yours. And my nom is for Feb, so I hope I'll have priority soon!
    Thanks you guys.

  4. I don't want to make you more annoyed, but it IS possible that it got lost in the mail. I got mine literally two days after my toolkit updated. But don't worry. If they say you're cleared, you're cleared. Now just look forward to waiting for your invite. :)